Miba Academy Hairdresser course on distance

Miba Academy Hairdressing Distance Courses

Miba is the private school that trains hairdressers remotely in collaboration with eloomi Award Winning Learning and Performance Management system and the company is located in Solna-Stockholm. Miba Academy AB offers a first-class international education to graduated hairdressers. The course teaches systematic and scientifically applied principles for hairdressing in theory, concept and application.

Candidates in this program have the knowledge and skills to pass the exam and continue working as a hairdresser.

We provide you with a qualified education that allows you, after an approved review with us, to begin a Swedish or international career in a demanded professional field.

There is a great difference between a hairdresser and an artist and the important factors are the learning and requirements in the subject that determine the quality of getting the artistic development of a student. Miba, therefore, in her role as teacher and instructor always tries to emphasize to her students / hairdresser how important it is for them to absorb and understand the theoretical review because we always start with theoretical knowledge before they can practically perform it in different parts

If you choose to train as a hairdresser at Miba Academy / Stockholm, expect an intense and rewarding working year where theory is intertwined with practice and where honors such as quality, style, elegance and personality get the right content.

In order to provide the right treatment and to offer well-being for hair, color you need deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience. As a hairdresser, you must understand the structure and functions of the hair. You also need to know about the active substances of different products and effects.

Our education consists of both theoretical and practical elements. The course comprises 1800 lesson hours and follows the upper secondary school's term schedule.

The theoretical and practical sections of the education aim to provide our students with a solid and coherent education so that the student can work and work as a hairdresser immediately after completing the exam.

If you choose Mirabella / Stockholm you will learn both basic and advanced technology in hair and makeup, and that you will work with customers right from the start, and you also have the opportunity to create valuable networks for the future.


With the right education and practice as a basis, the hairdressing profession offers many opportunities to develop a career filled with both satisfaction and rewards.

There are really no limitations, as to what you can achieve within this exciting future profession. As a hairdresser, you sell your services directly to customers. Thus, it is not enough to be skilled in the profession, but we will also teach you how to market your services and run a company professionally. The school teaches you the basics of hairdressing.

You will work with both women's and men's hairstyles. Through all the steps theory and practice are intertwined. The training also includes hairdressing-related areas where theoretical topics around the hairdressing profession are addressed. Examples: work environment and ergonomics, customer service. Other subjects are design and cutting technology, hairdressing chemistry, hair structure and diseases as well as preparations and permanent chemistry, hairstyle design, hair drying and permanent technology.

Practical work

The practical work is also assessed on the basis of customer service spirit, presence, punctuality and order. Lesson lessons consist of theory and practical applications.

Mirabella uses Sculpting technology with 3D cutting systems, occupational safety, terminology, Design elements, basic principles, design technology, inspiration, Style and trend analysis, beauty, radiance, different trends, current trends with different techniques, routine, speed and Characteristic facial forms.

This is an education and a profession for those who are interested in a practical service profession where a sense of color, form and service is required.

Facts about education

The training covers 1800 hours corresponding to 12 months.
Mon-Fri / 0.00-24.00
Max: 40 students in distance classroom.

Course start::
Four course starts: Autumn term and Spring term.

Admission Requirements:
You should have good general education and master Swedish in speech and writing. You have style and character are service oriented and ready to invest seriously in your education.

Attendance Duty:
For degree and diploma 98% attendance is required.
Note: In collaboration with our Finnish business partner HOITOLATUKKU, all students will receive a hairdresser's kit without any extra cost, Value SEK 15000.
Course fee:
Hairdresser training 1800 Hours, 49,000 SEK excl. VAT